• Salads & Appetizers
  • Trays & Hors d'oeuvres
  • Hot Meals 1
  • Hot Meals 2
  • Sandwiches & Wraps
  • Desserts
Salads and Veggie Platters
greek salad vancouver
Greek Salad: L - $25 , XL - $56
pasta salad vancouver
Pasta Salad: L - $30 , XL - $70
potato salad vancouver
Potato Salad: L - $30 , XL - $70
caesar salad vancouver
Caesar Salad: L - $17 , XL - $40
veggie tray vancouver
Veggie Platter: $39
garden salad vancouver
Garden Salad: L - $25 , XL - $56
bocconcini baby tomatoes skewers
Bocconcini & baby tomatoes skewers: $1.75 ea.
Appetizers, Antipasti, and Hors d'oeuvres
antipasti in vancouver
Antipasti # 1: $55
antipasty catering burnaby
Antipasti # 2: $55
antipasti cheese platter vancouver
Antipasti # 3 w/ cheese: $55
antipasti vancouver
Antipasti # 4: $55
meats platter vancouver
Meats' Platter: $ 53
meats and cheese platter vancouver
Meats' & Cheese platter: $55
cheese platter vancouver
Cheese platter: $58
bread sticks vancouver
Breadsticks: 75 c./1 pc.
eggrolls vancouver
Spring Rolls (chicken, shrimp, or veggie): $1.75 ea.
Hot Meals 1
meat lasagna vancouver
Meat Lasagna: L - $39 , XL - $94
spinach and ricotta lasagna vancouver
Spinach & Ricotta Lasagna: L - $49 , XL - $106
pasta cacciatore vancouver
Chicken Cacciatore Linguine (or short pasta): L - $42 , XL - $96
pasta fettuccine vancouver
Pasta Fettuccine 4 cheeses (or short pasta): L - $29 , XL - $68
meat balls pasta vancouver
Meat Balls' Pasta: L - $33, XL - $72
breaded chicken vancouver
Breaded Chicken Linguine (or short pasta): L - $44 , XL - $92
Hot Meals 2
roasted veggies catering vancouver
Roasted veggies: L - $ 31, XL - $ 84
roasted potatoes vancouver
Roasted Potatoes: L - $30, XL - $76
roastbeef vancouver
Beef Loin Roast: $90 (feeds 30-35)
roasted veggies catering vancouver
Pierogies, 75 cents ea.
roasted potatoes vancouver
Pork Loin Roast: $ 65 (feeds 30-35)
lobio in vancouver
Lobio (Kidney beans stew: small & lrg): SM- $13, L - $28
saffron rice vancouver
Lemon Saffron Rice: L - $27 , XL - $67
georgian khachapuri in vancouver
Khachapuri (Cheese pie): $19 (medium-size pizza)
cabbage rolls
Cabbage Rolles: $3.75 per pc.
dolma vancouver
Dolma: $2 per pc.
risotto catering vancouver
Risotto, 3 flavours (saffron, tomato, pumpkin): L - $27, XL - $67
NEW! Can make 2in1 or 3in1 in XL container
chicken wings and drummets vancouver
Chicken Drummettes & Wings Mix (flavours: spicy, BBQ, honey garlic) $ 1.75 per pc.
sweet rice catering vancouver
Armenian rice w/ saffron, rasins, honey: L - $27, XL - $67


best sandwich vancouver 
best wraps in vancouver party  
sandwich canada 


House made smoked pork on homemade Focaccia with herbs $5.99
House made smoked beef on rye with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pesto mayo, mustard, horseradish sauce and pickle on the side $5.99
Grilled chicken with lettuce, tomato, pesto mayo on multigrain $5.99
Smoked salmon on rye $5.99
Goat cheese, tomato, sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil on French baguette $5.99
Veggie special with grilled eggplant, bocconcini cheese, lettuce, tomato, pesto mayo on baguette or homemade Focaccia $5.99
Portobello mushroom with roasted Portobello mushroom, baby spinach, Feta cheese, lettuce on home made Focaccia $5.99
Montreal Style Smoked Beef with Swiss cheese, mustard, and sauerkraut on rye $5.99
Egg salad with house made egg salad, cheese, lettuce, pesto mayo, mustard $4.99
Chicken salad with house made chicken salad, cheese, lettuce, pesto mayo, mustard $5.99


Grilled chicken with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, pesto mayo, salt and pepper $5.99
Smoked salmon with lettuce, cucumbers, capers, pesto mayo $6.99
Grilled turkey with avocado, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pesto mayo, mustard $6.99
Vegetarian with avocado, feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, roasted red pepper $5.99
Chicken Waldorf with house made grilled chicken breast, apples, walnuts and honey mustard mayo $5.99
Mini Pastries, Tiramisu, Fruit Platters
tiramisu cake vancouver
XL Tiramisu Cake (feeds up to 50-60!): $75
mini pastries burnaby mini pastries coquitlam
mini pastries catering vancouver mini pastries vancouver biscotti catering
Biscotti (different flavours)
desserts catering
All natural mini muffins: $19.5/dz.
fruits platter vancouver
Fruit Platter: $39
mini pastries vancouver
mini pastries catering vancouver bakhlava vancouver 
Bakhlava, 2.5 ea.
All mini pastries & biscotti are $ 19.5 per dozen: we've got variety of more than 6 kinds

Please feel free to see and print out our menu in PDF format. Also, you may want to know how much you will spend on catering exactly, so you can download our menu in Excel format, and do all calculations by yourself.

CATERING POLICY, YUMICO Caterer in Vancouver w/ Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, and Georgian food and Cuisine:

We accept Visa, Master Card, Pay Pal, cash, and cheques -- personal, and corporate. We require 50 % deposit prior to the catering event. The other half has to be paid on the day of event, usually upon delivery. Our delivery rates are $ 10-20. 
You can pay for our services using Pay Pal:

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affordable catering greater vancouver

Contact info: catering@yumico.biz, 604-518-1321.

Our partner: Healthy Desserts. Our old company Zia's Deli & Cafe had merged with Yumico in 2009.

yumico catering vancouver

Make and/or customize your order yourself: just download this file, make your order, and send it back to us:



Enjoy artisan and pure taste of rich dishes composed to create a healthy and colorful palette. No artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives. Food made with care, inspiration and respect. We bring our skills, experience and culinary aspirations together to create an effective and functional catering package that would fit nicely into the concept of your event or function. In order to do so, we work on the menu taking into consideration specific details and striving to develop a well-balanced and diverse catering package. "Plenty of choices for everyone" - this is how our clients describe their ultimate goal, and it is exactly what we are striving to achieve.  
All dishes are made from scratch with freshest and best quality ingredients. We believe that the approach "as it used to be" does not have to be nostalg ic because it refers to times that are still fresh in our memory, from our childhood experience, for example, and in food, as in fashion, trends may circulate and acquire new twists but the best from the past is always the heart of the matter.  
Plenty of choices, well-balanced and customized to the specific requirements menus, variety of meat, vegetarian and, if required, special diets dishes, healthy, nutritious, made from scratch, ethnically and culturally diverse – all of the above are the buzz words that we can use to describe our catering services. YUMICO Catering comes to your needs in Greater Vancouver area, including Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows,and New Westminster. We also deliver to North Vancouver, Kitsilano, SFU & UBC area, Surrey, Richmond, and North Vancouver.