Birthday Parties, Banquets, etc. What we do:
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We do catering for various events: banquets, Birthday parties, corporate events, private gatherings, anniversaries, corporate lunches & corporate luncheons, functions, business luncheons, barbecues (private and corporate), receptions, celebrations, etc. in Greater Vancouver, including Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey, Richmond, North Vancouver, Abbotsfort, and Maple Ridge. We can do party planning or/and event management for your event, reception, luncheon, etc.
Please try and make orders in advance, a week ahead of the event. Rush orders can be accepted on occasion; but no less than 3 days before the event. Minor changes will be accommodated.  
Pricing: Our affordable prices for catering in Vancouver are based on volume and customized to fit your budget. Average catering package price is $ 9-15 per person. A standard $10.00/15.00 delivery charge applies to all orders. 
What comes with each order: The price of $9-15 per person includes variety of hot and cold dishes or meals, salads, antipasti, and dessert.  
We will work with you to develop the catering menu and will do your event management and planning out of all the choices that you could see at our main page. Here is the list of the most popular food items from Italian, and European (Georgian, Russian, and Ukrainian) cuisine. 
We also provide chafing and warming dishes, plates, cutlery, salad and pasta bowls, coffee makers, and other kitchen equipment for reasonable extra charge.  
This is a sample banquet party held in UBC in March 2012. We provide affordable catering services in Vancouver area.

Scheduled Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner deliveries or cooking and serving at your premises

We often cook food at the spot in schools, churches, community centres, or client's house/place. Here is one of the examples of such food preparation. This one, for example, took place at École Gabrielle-Roy in Surrey for a group of 25 students who came from different parts of BC to participate in sports' activities during three days. Here is the sample how our cooking and food looked like, where it was served, and how it looked like in general. Please have a look.  
Wedding Caterer in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, etc.
Photos of weddings YUMICO is a Wedding Caterer in GREATER VANCOUVER area
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We offer a reasonably priced, affordable, and delicious WEDDING catering that includes party trays, lasagnas, antipasti, tapas, meats & cheese platters, in-house roasted beef/pork, salads, pastas, fruit/veggie platters, and desserts. We provide BUFFET style wedding catering in Greater Vancouver. Please contact us so we could customize your wedding menu according to your needs. Basic wedding menu: 
  1. Meat & Cheese platters w/Focaccia bread
  2. Antipasti platters
  3. Chicken drummettes tray w/dip
  4. Smoked pork ribs tray
  5. Chicken and vegetarian eggrolls tray
Main meat:
  1. Stuffed chicken breast
  2. Roast beef loin
  3. Smoked pork loin
  1. Roasted vegetables
  2. Roasted potatoes
  3. Variety of risotto
  4. flavors
  5. Saffron basmati rice
  1. Rolls and butter
  2. Fresh vegetables w/dips
  3. Fresh fruits w/chocolate dip
  1. Tiramisu cake
  2. Mini pastries (cream puffs, baklava, fruit tartlets, cheese cake squares, mini-Tiramisu pastry)
Note: There are no artificial ingredients or substitutes in pastries, and they all are made from scratch using real butter, cream, eggs, cane sugar, fruits, natural vanilla and other wholesome ingredients)  
We also provide chafing and warming dishes, plates, cutlery, salad and pasta bowls, coffee makers, and other kitchen equipment for reasonable extra charge.  
Please have a look at one of the sample wedding menu for 100 people.
[sample wedding menu for 100 people]:
  1. XL Antipasti trays 2
  2. XL Greek salad 2
  3. XL Caesar salad 2
  4. XL beef loin w/gravy 3
  5. XL Roasted vegetables 3
  6. XL meat lasagna 2
  7. XL vegetarian lasagna 1
  8. XL Fruit platters w/chocolate sauce 3
  9. XL Tiramisu cake 2
If you are looking for a wedding caterer in Burnaby, Coquitlam, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, or even Surrey, Richmond, or West Vancouver, YUMICO catering can come to your needs. We will work with you to develop the catering menu and will do your event management and planning out of all the choices that you could see at our main page
Here is the list of the most popular food items from Italian, North American, and European (Georgian, Russian, and Ukrainian) cuisine. We provide affordable catering services in Greater Vancouver area.  
Please have a look at one of this sample wedding held at the George Preston Recreation Centre in Langley, or this one held at Port Coquitlam Hunting & Fishing Club. Minnekhada Lodge provides an excellent venue for weddings from YUMICO Catering, as well. Or, we do bridal/wedding showers, too. This one we did at Old Orchard Hall in Port Moody. 
Wedding of a young navy officer in Stanley Park
And here is a very interesting solution: the wedding was held at the Civic Centre in Port Moody in the lobby. We did shahslyk (souvlaki) on our charcoal grill. 
We can also recycle empty beverage containers (cans, bottles) after the event and provide you the refund. 

Please feel free to see and print out our menu in PDF format. Also, you may want to know how much you will spend on catering exactly, so you can download our menu in Excel format, and do all calculations by yourself.

CATERING POLICY, YUMICO Caterer in Vancouver w/ Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, and Georgian food and Cuisine:

We accept Visa, Master Card, Pay Pal, cash, and cheques -- personal, and corporate. We require 50 % deposit prior to the catering event. The other half has to be paid on the day of event, usually upon delivery. Our delivery rates are $ 10-20. 
You can pay for our services using Pay Pal:

Credit Card & PayPal options
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Contact info: catering@yumico.biz, 604-518-1321.

Our partner: Healthy Desserts. Our old company Zia's Deli & Cafe had merged with Yumico in 2009.

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Make and/or customize your order yourself: just download this file, make your order, and send it back to us:



Enjoy artisan and pure taste of rich dishes composed to create a healthy and colorful palette. No artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives. Food made with care, inspiration and respect. We bring our skills, experience and culinary aspirations together to create an effective and functional catering package that would fit nicely into the concept of your event or function. In order to do so, we work on the menu taking into consideration specific details and striving to develop a well-balanced and diverse catering package. "Plenty of choices for everyone" - this is how our clients describe their ultimate goal, and it is exactly what we are striving to achieve.  
All dishes are made from scratch with freshest and best quality ingredients. We believe that the approach "as it used to be" does not have to be nostalg ic because it refers to times that are still fresh in our memory, from our childhood experience, for example, and in food, as in fashion, trends may circulate and acquire new twists but the best from the past is always the heart of the matter.  
Plenty of choices, well-balanced and customized to the specific requirements menus, variety of meat, vegetarian and, if required, special diets dishes, healthy, nutritious, made from scratch, ethnically and culturally diverse – all of the above are the buzz words that we can use to describe our catering services. YUMICO Catering comes to your needs in Greater Vancouver area, including Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows,and New Westminster. We also deliver to North Vancouver, Kitsilano, SFU & UBC area, Surrey, Richmond, and North Vancouver.